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Nikki S. Lee

Nikki S. Lee, may perhaps be best known for her picture projects involving her dressing up as different people. Truthfully I do not see any art in these pictures. Along with many artists Nikki seems to seep into the realm of comedians, which is not necessarily bad but too much humor can say that she is either an artist or a comedian. As I observed her photos and the audience’s reactions to them it seemed more like a comedic show rather than an artist presentation. I can understand that Nikki took a lot of work in setting up these photos but to me it is similar to Dave Chappelle dressing up like famous people all for comedy. For example Nikki has a “Senior Series? in which she dresses up like an old woman, and when the audience saw them they started to laugh. The “Part Series? was art to me because it was Nikki portraying herself and the mood of the audience was in observance, and them trying to understand what it meant. The other series that were presented seemed like sketches some funny, and some not.