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Project II: attracting the opposite sex

For my “how to? film assignment it took me awhile to think of a topic for my project that was not only interesting for me to do, but also something that would be entertaining for my audience. I looked for suggestions from friends and family, but most of them did not have an original idea (i.e. how to bake this, how to play this, etc). I wanted something a little more interesting to work with than that. So, some how I came up with the idea to show my viewers a “how not to? video on impressing the opposite sex in the dorms. I chose a “how not to? approach because I thought it would be funnier to poke fun of the types of ways freshman try to impress the boys/girls in their halls.

I am hoping to record my video in the dorms, particularly in the areas where the guys and the girls interact (i.e. hallways, laundry rooms, lounge area, etc). During these small boy/girl interactions I want to capture the awkwardness that is demonstrated. Not too long ago I had one such experience that I wouldn’t mind reenacting to put into my project. I was walking down the hall with my roommate and a boy tapped my shoulder as I walked passed him. I looked at him and he said to me, “Hey, you just missed me. I was in a towel from getting out of the shower.? He gave me a wink and all I said was, “Ok.? I can’t imagine the look I had on my face, because first, I was caught off guard, and second, who says that. That is just one example of what not to do to impress a girl.

Hopefully, this film will be humorous as I intend for my audience to be guys and girls who have been through the experience I am portraying. I will try to show multiple scenes in the dorms of these awkward occasions. I am not sure if I will stage the scenes or simply capture the moment. Maybe I will do a combination of both. Perhaps, I might put a few interviews into the piece as well.

What inspired me to do this was the situation I mentioned before that I encountered in my dorm hallway. It donned on me that this video could not only an informational video, but also a reflection of how pathetic our attempts are sometimes to impress the opposite sex.