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Project 2

Download how to make a superhero

My original project idea was "how to find god in pop culture" but that didnt really seem to work out with the media i was finding. So i revamped my project to how to make a super hero. i used joseph campbell's indepth book "a hero with a thousand faces" to come up with the guidelines to which you can apply to any subjects to see if they meet the mold for an archetypal hero. I chose to use jesus but you can use many subjects for example spiderman, superman and of course older heroes like Achilles. It came out having the content i wanted but as far as the complete editing it didnt come out quite as well as i had hoped since i ran into problems with other people hogging the computers in lab on friday and saturday. but considering, it was still really long after being taken down. Hopefully people think its funny >_< since that was my whole point