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Project 2: How To Start A War

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I have found that news on the television is not much more informative than comedy shows that talk about news. On the contrary, I would say that nowadays comedy shows reveal more about what is going on in our political world than in our news. There has to be a reason why people watch more and more shows such as “The Daily Show� and “The Colbert Report� to get their information.
Taking that into consideration, and because it seems that news outlets are once again starting to manipulate people into a war with Iran, I found it appropriated to combine a political statement with comedy in my second Project “ Instruct�.
Even though the intention of my short film is to be nothing more than a joke, the seven steps to start a war that I list in the film clip still contain elements of truth. My movie is supposed to be a short reminder of how countries have manipulated people into starting wars in the past and to make the audience think of how some patterns of getting involved in wars are being repeated in current times.
In my video I tried to emulate propaganda movies by using black and white and using only music as the soundtrack without having speech. I chose music that has a funny but at the same time a creepy feeling to enforce the message that I am trying to get across.