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Project 2 proposal

For the second project I have thought it over and decided that I will make a video on how to make a cool looking piece of art. I do not plan to make it a basic instructional video at all. I plan to incorporate the sounds that I generally hear when I'm working on a piece and I will make an attempt to recreate the atmosphere. I have not decided how exactly I will go about this, but I think it will be possible with changes in lighting and perhaps some interesting imagery. For the medium I have not decided whether to use pen, pencil, chalk, color pastels, or paint, but I am leaning towards the color pastels because of how fun they are to work with. I don't want this to turn out like one of the Bob Ross videos where he very rapidly creates an elaborate painting. Instead I plan to make a somewhat time intensive piece of art and just give an overview of the process so that the whole process will not need to be recorded but the viewer should still be able to recognize the steps that it takes to get to a final product. I am still coming up with ideas for how to make this an interesting video that will actually draw the viewer in with something they may like to hear and look at, but that will most definitely be a challenge since everyone has very different ideas of what is interesting and entertaining. I am going to also make an attempt at giving a sense to the viewer of how much I actually enjoy the process of making a piece of art. This may be one of my biggest challenges of this whole video making process, but I plan on trying very hard to get that point across. As far as the work that I am going to produce is concerned, I have not yet decided what it should be. I always enjoy doing a work that has some personal meaning to me, whether it be an experience that I had or a song that I listened to and really enjoyed. So this means that now I will have to start looking for some inspiration for this piece. Generally speaking I will usually listen to a few songs that I like and see if I get any ideas. If that doesn't work then I will probably just pick something that is important to me, so it will be interesting to see what it ends up being.