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Project 2 Proposal

For our "how to video project" my conceptual idea was to take an in depth look at the human need to believe in a higher power, or “god?. Since our creation on earth human beings have been searching for "god". There are many historical backgrounds that beg that question to be answered, but in truth without said divine being appearing to answer all our questions, how can we? I wanted to do a how to video on “how to find god?, since there are so many different religions I wanted to take a look at the way people have tried to find god, both in a historical sense and how people in the present are still searching. My target audience is for an older audience that will hopefully be able to grasp my attempt at humor on this most serious of subjects, something that wars have been fought over for centuries. My challenge is to make a narrative that focuses to follows one human’s journey to find god. In order to capture the journey you cannot ignore pop cultures reflection of how the current populations, regardless of nationality, feel about the thought of a greater being directing out lives. For example: you cannot watch TV on any channel, even cartoons, without coming across something on the subject of powers that be. I realize that this is indeed a touchy subject but I would like to take a relaxed comical approach to this concept for that exact reason.

I would like to travel to different locations around Minnesota and attempt to capture different places of religion, as well as public places like malls, and school. The reason I want to go to these locations is so I can get different perspective of people from all walks of life. I also am hoping to capture the differences between the older generations and the current. Because it is becoming more and more evident that certain religions are “dying out? where as others are becoming more prominent. I want to attempt to bridge some of these time gaps.

The techniques I’m interested in implementing into my piece were a bit of a continuation of my sound piece in that, I would like to make a bit of a collage of my own footage with pop culture (TV and movie medium) footage to bring this quest for a greater power to life! My basic technique will be shooting footage around at said locations and then create a narration of the clips either via audio or video. I’m not quite sure how I will go about creating the journey via the clips but my main focus will a humorous approach.