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Project II proposal: Instruction!

For the second project I am thinking of introducing my audience to the basic steps of how to start a war. I do not plan on telling people how to actually start a war in this short film, but will be making simplifications about basic steps that countries seem to go through to pick fights with other countries. I intend the short film to be nothing more than a joke, but I would like the joke to contain an element of truth. I have chosen a political subject because it seems to me that even though people are in general more educated than they ever have been, they always ignore the lessons of history. My intention is for the viewers to start to see parallels between past and current events in world politics. They do not have to completely agree with everything that I imply or say. I would be satisfied if the audience were inspired to rethink their positions on the political mess that we are living in today.
The audience for this movie will be college students and adults. Since this is a serious subject I will try to approach it with humor. Humor will be expressed in the form of exaggeration and generalization and also in the exploration of methods used in propaganda films.
The way that I plan on putting the short film together will involve dividing the movie into different sections. Each section will represent a step that gives the viewer a an idea of how to start a war – of course, all steps will be nothing more than tongue in cheek. I am thinking to introduce each section with one or two sentences. The first instruction might be something like “ First Step: Pick a country?. I will try to blend in a text that will be followed by a short play. After the play is done a new sentence will appear, “ Second Step: Make sure it has a desirable natural resources or money.? and so on.
I am also thinking about shooting a black and white movie clip. Maybe this would not be a bad idea since our world has been dealing with issues of war since human beings have lived on this earth. Making the film in black and white would imply that the issue is old and hints at propaganda films.