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This peice is an adventure in insomnia. In my profession, early wake ups are a continuing struggle. For night people, like me, this experience can be stressful and confusing at the same time. My peice attempts to emullate the struggle between distraction and peace of mind leading to a full state of relaxation. It deomstrates the conflict of daily sound, erroneous thought, and mental stress has with the mind's ability to shut down. The audio explores the connection between the physical and psychic space present in a struggle to fall alseep.

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Listening to this project was extremely frustrating for me. After spending hours upon hours attempting to condense the piece and make it entertaining for the listener, I found that my meticulous editing had cropped out the most important part of the piece: the silence. By cutting the silent portions form the piece, I condensed the length and made it more intense in one respect. What I failed to realize is that the silent portions of my soundscape made the audible parts stronger, making the piece more intense in the way I intended it. Coupling this with the crippling effect a single speaker has on a multi-dimensional audio project took away the suspense and 3D aspect of my piece. From this process, I learned a very valuable lesson about any work. I learned that spending too much time getting close to any sort of work can hinder an arist, musician, or writer's perspective on the work. In the future, I will be certain to take more time away from my work so when I revisit it, the piece will be more fresh and more intense.