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The Influx with Nikki S. Lee

When we were shown a piece by Nikki S. Lee in class that was the first time I was putting her name with her artwork. The piece intrigued me and got me anxious to come hear her talk. Nikki's artwork consists of a wide selection of photographs. To an outsider they look like snapshot pictures taken from a wide variety of social groups and diverse individuals that make up communities around the United States. Where the uniqueness of this artwork comes into play is that the artist herself has become a part of each of these social groups.
This artwork is definitely something that people need to have background information on or they wil not fully understand the creativity behind it. Once the viewer is aware that Nikki is a part of each picture many more questions arise. I think she is creative in her approach and her style shows how committed she is to her work. She doesn't just jump next to a random person and snap a photo; Nikki submerges herself into a culture, she learns their dress, their communication, their attitudes and their actions and then transforms.
Thinking about the process Nikki goes through to create her artwork I think I personally would love to do the same. I love interacting with new people and learning about their background so this sort of photography project would be perfect for my character and personality.
I think one thing that would be interesting to see is a sort of scrapbook done by Nikki. If she were to infiltrate a family of some social class or culture group and become a part of them and then create a scrapbook of her "family life". She may have a piece similar to this but I think it would be fun to see a story created out of her photos.
Overall I enjoyed hearing from Nikki and certainly found it to be a beneficial talk because now I can understand and really appreciate her photographic artwork.