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Artist Visit: Lisa Lapinski plus Designing our own graves Redo

Seeing and hearing about Lapinski's work from her visiting was a unique experience. It was unique in the way so many people showed up to here her talk in a very informal and unprepared way. This was refreshing to start but ended up annoying me. She had multiple pieces of work none of which I remember the name of. The first was a display including various historic and religious symbols including a swastika, star of David, and the cross. They were positioned on various designs of fences surrounding a historic podium. A lot of her work included the star of David, which I dont recall her explaining. She often used an arm emerging from nothing and wall paper, also things that she did not provide an explanation for. I was disappointed in the lack of explanation on these reoccurring items.

Also, I noticed that my response for the Designing graves was not up. Contrary to the article I think the easy access to amateur work and flood of media is a great thing. It helps the world discover great artist that may have gone on undetected. I cant remember what else I wrote about it but overall disagreed with his negative outlook.