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Confused Artist Responde: Lisa Lapinski

This lecture experience was very unique. In the beginning I was excited to see an emerging artist whose art I find inspiring and appealing. Her works of art had already captured my attention in the past due to her intricately crafted work and the incorporation of a wide range of materials in her sculptures; such as drawing, painting, photography, cement, clay, wall-paper, wood and snoopy figurines. However, as I was listening to her presentation I got very confused. I could not follow her train of thought about her work. This I found very surprising since her sculptures, especially one called " Nightstand", are structurally organized and well executed. Another irritating aspect of her presentation was that she always referred to other artists, whose names were not revealed, in order to explain her own work. She even read her own reaction piece to an unknown artist to give a better understanding of her own work. All in all, even though I got very confused, I was able to see where she draws her inspiration. Her sources of inspiration are literature, religion, philosophy, psychology and history. Although this seems to be a negative response to the artist lecture, I still do not think negatively about the artist and her work. After all, one of the reasons that people decide to be artists is because they can better express their ideas visually than verbally.