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Critique #2 for Eating with Furniture

For this project, I had a dilemma because I was satisfied with the raw footage and the ideas that I was able to capture, however, I wanted to have the experience of learning Final Cut Pro, so I opted to add in music and title cards to make my movie look like the rest of the class. I realize now that I should not have done this because my initial ideas were originally to contradict the template that most of the class used in order to execute their movie. Everybody in the class used a “Step One, Step Two, and Step Three� format which was a part of the “templates� that people use in our “do it yourself� culture. The execution process that I used was completely counter-intuitive to what I was trying to get across in my video. One hand I am glad that had the opportunity to learn Final Cut Pro, but on the other hand, Final Cut Pro was not a necessary tool to use for my footage.