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Critique #3 for Animation

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the execution of my project. Although I like my idea, I feel that it would have been better as a film rather than a stop-motion animation. This doesn’t mean than I didn’t like the process of doing stop-motion because I love photography and I’m glad that I can finally say that I’ve done a project using this technique, however it was rather difficult to judge whether I took enough photographs for a particular scene. The reason it was difficult was because all of my sound was a voice over and I did the photography completely separate from the narration. When I was trying to merge these two pieces together in final-cut, I realized that some scenes weren’t long enough for the voice over and visa versa. I eventually was able to make both pieces coincide with one another, however I had to speed up the narration in order to make it match. I don’t know if this was a good idea because certain words are a bit distorted. I wish there was more instruction on how to do effects and other technical strategies for final Cut because I feel like my level of ability to use the program is very basic in comparison to some of the other students in the class. I feel like perhaps I could be more creative with my execution if I knew what the program offered.
I changed my idea for my animation quite drastically from my initial proposal. I still wanted to stay in the context of social issues, and for this project, my “perfect world? is reviled in the end, which is “Cultural Unity.? This scenario with my cheese curds has a direct correlation with the genocide that took place in Rwanda between the Hutus and the Tutsis. These ethnicities where fabricated by the Belgians and has since created a deep social divide. There are no physical characteristics that distinguish one from another, just as nobody is able to tell if a cheese curd is filled with cheddar or mozzarella cheese on the inside. This was meant to be a satirical comment on the absurdity of ethnic groups fighting each other. I also wanted to do this on Rwanda because ethnic divide is so common in Africa and there are so many people dying and being killed every day, and nobody really knows about it. The American media does little reporting on foreign social events happening in the world. A massive human genocide in Darfur is happening right now, and there is very little reporting being done by American media. Along with this issue, comes another, which is the perpetuating ideal of cultural unity. Because these ideas and constructs of different ethnicities are so deeply ingrained in people’s beliefs and culture, is it too much of a utopian idea for every one to live peacefully on this earth?
I end my animation with the last two people alive, each one being from the opposing ethnicity. They unite by becoming drug buddies because it is ridiculous, just as every other mode to which people have tried to be diplomatic towards each other and live peacefully has been a failure.