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Critique for Alan

For your project I found that the use of charcoals as your medium as opposed to pencil helped to add to the perhaps whimsical emotion of you piece. The use of the titles in between the drawings helped aid the organization and created a flow between scenes, I saw you had addressed that one title was missing which now makes sense as to the transition. The drawings were very nicely done, the movements were minimal but smoothly done. The focus of the project was a utopia where I in your piece I feel a little lost as to what that maybe it seemed to be more of a comedic/ ironic animation. Perhaps I got the idea of luck and simplicity of looking on the brighter side of a train wreck? Not sure if that’s what you had in mind but it was overall a very nice drawings.
For the sound of the project I’m not sure if it was the class projector or my computer but it was kind of hard to hear certain parts of the piece, but what I really liked is that the simplicity of sound allowed the watcher to focus on the drawings. I’m the type of person who needs lots of stuff going on like music and such but I think that would have ruined your piece or become to much a distraction.
Something that really stuck out to me in the piece was the concept of the old man being completely unaffected by the wreck, I was half expecting him to die of a heart attack, I would if I saw a freight train jump its track, so I found it hilarious that he utterly ignored the whole disaster and focused more on the apple.