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Critique for Alan

I really liked the way that Alan made his stop motion project. Although the sound aspect of the project was not the absolutely most interesting, i did find that the sounds went well with the visuals. This is most evident, i think, when the guy is eating the apple. This shows that Alan has a very good grasp on both the visual and audio aspects of this process. As far as the drawings he did are concerned, they were very very well made, and I thought it was fantastic that he put that much time into making the character and the train and the setting and everything like that. Also, the interaction between the tree and the train and the guy sitting next to the tree was quite interesting. I thought for sure that when the train ran into the tree it would topple the tree on top of the guy, but rather all it did was startle him, and then drop an apple from the tree for him to eat. This is why I also like this presentation for the theme of a perfect world. Although things are going to happen that are out of your control, it is nice to be able to think that maybe even when things seem like they are going wrong there is something out there that can keep you safe.