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Critique for Amanda

I really enjoyed the work that Amanda presented for the stop motion project. The use of the Russian lullaby, i believe thats what it was anyways, combined with the music from the music box really made for an interesting experience. The flow worked quite well throughout the film. The transitions between frames was quite well done. As far as paying close attention to detail goes, Amanda did a fantastic job. Personally I did not necessarily enjoy the music that was playing from the music box, but as I said before, I do believe that it had a really nice flow to it, which added an enjoyable aspect to the presentation. Although I was unable to read the subtitles translating what was being said, it did not bother me, because something about the red text kind of added a different feel to the presentation. It was almost like we were not supposed to be able to read what was being said, but rather just experience the sound the feel that it creates. overall this was a very good project in my opinion and it was very interesting to watch.