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Critique for Amanda's Project

The drawing was done extremely well. All the visuals were seamless as if it were done all on the computer. The sounds too were clear and they set an eerie tone throughout the story. I like that the story was original and was almost like a kid’s story, but at the same time it dealt with loss and the death. The Russian was hard to follow and although there were subtitles, it was difficult to make out what was being said. After reading the preview though, it seemed that you were not able to fix that due to technical problems. If I had not read the preview, I would not have understood the story. It was new to me and somewhat hard to follow. However it made sense after I did some reading. I believe the target audience would be adults because of the fact that most kids would not be able to comprehend life after an apocalypse. I do not know though how the movie conveyed an idea of utopia, but that’s probably because I would not call it my utopia. I cannot relate to it like the creator can. I think that the transitions should have been better. For example, when the scene centers about the girl, I had no idea she was in the egg. I though it was some random scene.