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Critique for Bax's project

Bax’s animation starts out with King Arthur and the one evil villain left in the world. Eventually, a crew of super hero/good guys from various niches of the super hero spectrum enters the scene to take on the one bad guy in order for the world to be a peaceful place once again. It is interesting to see that whenever somebody uses an action figure as a prop, the original name and specific super powers are kept. This adds humor to the piece because viewers understand the “inside jokes? that pertain to each character when reading the dialog. The narrative follows conventional methods, so this animation was easy to follow. First there is a confrontation between two characters and the good guy is eventually distinguished from the villain, second the good guy runs into a dilemma, third, the plot unfolds into an intense, action packed fiasco where the good-guy prevails, and all is good in the world. This fits the theme; “Invent a perfect world? quite well because in the end, there is peace and everyone can live harmoniously due to the courageous acts of the “good guys.? The structure was done in a timely fashion, however I wish that there were dialogue instead of text. Because this is an action animation where there is a lot going on, and many characters, it seems appropriate to use dialogue so the viewer doesn’t have to concentrate on reading and watching at the same time. It also would have been helpful if there were an introduction for each character so it would have been easier to place a name with each character. Other than the text being in place instead of voices, I really liked the tone of the animation, it was very innocent as if the dialogue was being made up by three or four young boys all adding in their own commentary and all wanting the same goal of being the