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Critique for Chaz's project

I really enjoyed Chaz’s project because of the use of the split screen. I think that this added feature really added a lot to the paradox that he was trying to convey. I also liked that he used a compare method to show his utopian world. He was the only one in the class who used this method. I appreciated that he used himself as the protagonist in his animation. The narrative followed a linear pattern, which started as himself as a college student going through a typical day on campus and himself as a professional going to a typical day of work from 9:00am to 5:00pm. I enjoyed seeing the comparison and it made me realize that even though college can be stressful, we as college students have it pretty good. There is minimal responsibility and the best part about being in college is that we don’t have a boss! Most college students work really hard in their classes and choose to major in a subject where the jobs are lucrative, stable, and well paying, which to a young person in college seems very attractive and perhaps is a utopian dream, which is the paradox in Chaz’s idea of a utopian world. Most lucrative and stable jobs are extremely boring and spontaneity is not a choice for most of those who are supporting families. Chaz realizes this, and will probably always be conscious of this because he knows that the 9-5 job will eventually end up happening to him because he is career choice thus far is engineering.
I think that the project was very effective, although it probably could have been longer just show more of the “boring day at work? that the worker was experiencing as opposed to the “care-free? days that the college student experiences. I understand that it was probably difficult to judge how long it would be because of the stop-motion technique. I had a hard time judging how long a scene would be as well in doing my animation. I like the use of no narrative or voice over or any dialogue. I was very content to just watch how the two scenarios played out in the animation. I think that it was a good choice to not add voices because it wasn’t necessary to do so.