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Critique for Emanuela

Emanuela took an interesting approach to this stop motion project. I found it unique how she incorporated both drawing and clay figures for the visual aids. Even though the characters are moving around in front of a stable background consisting of a building I liked how she must have created more than one background building pictures. I detected this as the characters are moving there is are slight adjustments with the background drawing and this little motion adds to the movement and chaos Emanuela was hoping to portray in the first portion of the movie. After watching the complete video I am glad I read Emanuela’s intentions beforehand because the first scene of being in the city did not fully convey the chaotic fast paced world in which she stated she was walking.
The sound served as the primary factor in expressing a busy lifestyle but I think that if the character moved through the scene faster it would have really added to the idea of chaos and constant movement. Overall, each scene had appropriately suited sound and really added to the ideas being expressed. Emanuela did a nice job in finding the right noise sources to not only fit the visual but to incorporate the thoughts she intended for each scene. It was creative of her to play with the sounds of the busy world and edit them in audacity. I think the idea she had of slurring noises together to the point of misunderstanding really matches the American “go-go-go? world in which we function. The sounds with the middle scene nicely blended to transforming us as viewers into a dreamlike, fantasy world. I think that after the initial transformation to the “perfect world? the sounds should have became more clear because in the perfect world it is no longer the hustle, bustle and there is clarity to one’s life outside of the action and disorder.
What I also liked about Emanuela’s video is that it was black and white in the real world commotion but then in the conversion to the dream world colors came into the scene. Color adds life and a sense of cheerfulness to what is going on in the scene. In conclusion, it really shows that Emanuela put time and thought into this project and she did a nice job!