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Critique for Emanuela

Emanuela's "Manu's Perfect World" used a combination of clay animation, drawings and origami for it's media. The idea to make the video be a dream I found very appropriate for the theme of a perfect world. The video starts with an empty cityscape with clay characters entering from the left and right. The colors are very drab and the camera focuses on one individual, who I assume is Emanuela's clay counterpart. She strolls through the city being passed by busy pedestrians and greeted by a dog. Then she stops and is met with a variety of colors and origami shapes that dance around. The colors and shapes go away and she continues on but seems to leave with a brighter attitude.
I really enjoyed the visual style of the video. The drab sepia toned buildings and characters really set a mood of sadness caused by a hectic lifestyle. Also the intro of the cursive text was perfect for this world which seemed very formal. The sounds made in this place are city noises and grunts and coughs of people passing by. This helped create an atmosphere of people rushing and nobody enjoying themselves. When the dream sequence starts and stops, the way the environment floats away and comes back in is very well done. The use of the colorful clay wrapping the bland character and the dancing art around her works well with the abstract noises that are heard. The sounds are almost trance-like. Good idea with using audacity to distort these sounds.
This idea of a perfect world is very relatable. A world where people are so busy that there is no time for creation or leisure is a terrible image. I like that even though the colors and creatures did not stay with the character, she seemed to have a better outlook with the pitch of noises she made and the absence of other noises like grunting and coughing.