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Critique for Grant

Grant’s third project focused on stopping time, an idea that at first seemed ideal but eventually turned out to be something not so desirable. I thought Grant was successful at portraying this idea. I liked how he used both video and stop motion to display this type of situation. He used the video to show real time and then after time stopped he used stop motion. I thought the idea was well thought out.

During the animation Grant also incorporated sound. He impressed me with how nicely he fit the audio to the visuals, which many other people in class found difficult to do. The sound was clear and crisp. The animation seemed virtually seamless. It was evident he put a lot of thought into what sounds worked with the images (i.e. clock changing numbers, flipping through books, walking outside, etc)

Another part of Grant’s work that impressed me was one of the final shots, when Grant was falling on his bed (in essence falling back into real time). I was amazed at how he was able to capture himself falling with stop motion. He must have used a special feature on his camera where he was able to take shots in a sequence, sometimes know as a paparazzi feature on a camera.

Overall, I thought Grant did a good job expressing his idea of a perfect world. He even touched on the fact that what we think might be a perfect world doesn’t always play out that way. The images we great (i.e. exposure, clarity, etc) and so was the sound. I couldn’t think of any ideas of what to do differently next time.