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Critique for Jon

Critique for Jon...

For your stop motion I found it really interesting that you chose to use white board as your medium, I think that’s really cool I believe mike was the only other person who chose to use that for his medium too. I know it’s a pain in the but to have to draw all of that and erase it since I chose to draw for mine to so given our allotted time to do the project I don’t think it being choppy was that big of an issue it wasn’t a distraction for myself anyway. I like that you put in some transition titles in between your scenes to create some sort of time line cause I’m pretty sure I would have gotten lost otherwise.

One thing I guess I kind of couldn’t understand is if you were focusing on racism why just black oppression? There are a lot of different forms of racism guess I just couldn’t figure why you chose to focus on one form of injustice but it did work for your explanation of historical events. In the end of your video you tied it back to the original theme of the utopia which is good because in the beginning when we were discussing our ideas you talked about either going backward or forward in history. I noticed that you didn’t use any sound in your piece which is cool cause I’m not quite sure if it needed any, the imagery you used were pretty self explanatory. I know she said we couldn’t use music for our pieces but perhaps if we could have some dramatic music would have been a cool additionOverall I thought it was a really heavy piece, world piece is a serious issue and message to spread and I think you did a nice job of portraying that in your video.