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Critique for Tany's project

I really enjoyed Tanya’s animation because it had a very homemade feel to it and everything was created and produced by her. I also like the simplicity that she used in order to get her point across. The animation starts out with the worm befriending those who he approaches and then eats them symbolizing murder or possibly greed. The fairy, which represents justice, casts a spell on him turning him into a mushroom, which becomes a home for a toad that doesn’t treat him very well. The worm ends up with what he deserves, which is to be punished, not by enforced laws, but by fate, or in other words, karma. This project as a whole definitely fits into the theme “invent a perfect world,? because justice being served as a part of everyone’s destiny verses by an act of free-will is a very utopian idea and concept. And Tanya was able to convey this idea in a very real and simplistic way that people of all ages can interpret. The style reminded me a lot of South Park, not only because of the paper cut outs, but the moral aspect of the project as well as adding a little bit of adult humor. The narrative follows the same conventional narrative that is used in children’s books in order for them to use a linear thought process to come to a conclusion. “The Hungry Worm? also follows the same structure as the song “Little Bunny Foo-Foo? This was very clear because the song was being hummed during the introduction to the animation and then in the end, however, the audience would have understood this even with out the theme song. I really liked the sound in the animation because it was simple and funny, and Tanya produced all of it. All of the sound effects were pretty straightforward and were timed to fit the actions in the animation. I thought that Tanya’s project was one of more successful animations in the class because of the style of using paper cutouts. She was the only one that used this style and perhaps that is why it stood out so much. Her project also was effective because of the use of the analogy. I always appreciate work that is simple in content but has a much larger deeper meaning.