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Critique Jenn's Project 3

I'm not sure if I understand Jenn's project fully in the theme of "Invent a Perfect World." I think she's using some kind of revolutionary form to it, and how one group is suppressing another in this case the waffles over the curds. After constant fighting the country burns in flames and there are two survivors. The two survivors begins to do drugs which is a start of a new movement. So I interpret her "Perfect World" theme as after hard times or war times there is a new start.

There was one main setting in her video which was on the table, or in the video t he village of the curds. It does reflect ideas of time and space because she has curds and waffles moving so we get that much about that. Because of how the story played out, I do think that it helped convey the goal she was trying to get across. Waffles asking curds for identifications, then killing them to find out. I thought it was edited well and shot well. One thing I did find funny was that it seemed like the flames died and she had to relight and burn her table a few more times.

The sound itself worked great. She was able to pull off multiple voices and narrate the whole video also. It helped convey the ideas of the work that she was getting across and helped us understand it a lot more.

What stood out to me the most was the sound. The video itself was good, but I thought the sound made it much better. The narrating and voice overs on curds and waffles were great because it helped the audience understand what was really going on in her video.