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Final Project IV: Proposal

For my final project I am thinking about using space as a tool to explore ideas of boundaries. I was fascinated by a video that we saw in class in which an artist, whose name I forget, used the entire room to project a moving figure. With that in mind I am considering focusing on a child’s natural behavior of moving free around space. A child’s freedom from social politics and prejudice has always been interesting to me. It interests me because adults, including myself, think of children as being educated by grown ups. This is a narrow-minded perspective. On the contrary, I think that adults have a lot to learn from children. Children have the ability to interact with other people from different cultures without prejudice. Children also have the ability to view everything with a sense of curiosity. These are just two examples of how children can teach adults. I always ask myself: “What if adults would behave with the same sense of freedom from prejudice as children posses?? Would the world still look down on immigrants, which are always considered as either social problems or strangers around the world? I often ask myself whether my identity as a person would be different if I did not have to deal with questions of prejudice based on my status as an immigrant both in the USA and in Germany, since my parents were Italian immigrants to Germany.
The way that I am planning to express my ideas of the freedom of children and their lack of prejudice is to work with stop animation. I would like to draw images of a girl who is playing and obviously “childish? to accentuate the idea of a child’s uncomplicated way of dealing with new people and situations. In addition to the moving image of a child, I would like to draw three different outlines of cities. The viewer should be able to associate the outlines of cities with three different cultures. Each outline image will cover one wall. I could use black tape that I would stick on walls to represent different cities/cultures. I think that tape would be easy to remove from the walls and save a lot of paper, while getting the point across that I am trying to represent different cities with different cultures. I would choose city outlines that are easy to identify with different culture, such as using Arabic architecture and mosques to represent a Muslim culture.
I would project my animation on the walls with the outlines. There would be three parts of the animation that correspond to the three different walls and three different projectors. The girl would move around the room without regard to the separation of different walls. This would represent a child’s disregard for boundaries. In each part the girl will have a different way of playing: she will play alone or with somebody else or with a ball. I am also thinking about positioning the projector in the middle of a room on an old record player that will slowly move around as an alternative to using three projectors, but that depends on the equipment that is available to use.
I also would like to include sound in my piece since I think that music is very important to convey the message. Furthermore, I would like to stimulate every sense to enrich the viewer’s experience and further push the idea of different cultures since each wall would have its own sound. For now I am thinking about including a child’s voice and city noises that can be associated with different cultures.
The aspect of expanding my project into a larger space would be very interesting since I think it would demonstrate a child’s liberty and curiosity to move around space without boundaries.