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Jenna's Thinking Regarding Project IV

Over the semester I have been fairly new with each digital process we use and it has been an intense learning opportunity but I can now say I am getting the hang of things. For this project I would like to create an elaborate animation video and put my real life self in the video. Soon after beginning our project III I was liking both stop motion with digital photography and stop motion with drawings. Because I chose the photography approach I would like to satisfy my interests of creating an animation short by using this "Design Your Own" project to do just that. I am most definitely not a very talented illustrator especially when it comes to creating some sort of character to interact with. When I was in the studio for project III work I watched the beginnings of an animation a girl was creating with some sort of paint or drawing program. I am going to look into that feature on our computers to see if it would be better for me to draw through a computer program as opposed to hand drawing.
When it comes to the actual story line or message for my project I want to create something funny. Jon and I have decided to work collaboratively in creating this final project and one idea we had was to have the cartoon characters give us (as real life people) a sex talk like when you are in middle school. We can have a scene of us just talking at lunch and dreading that we have to do this and then show us getting divided into boys and girls and parting our ways. The video would be best if it cut back and forth between the room full of girls and the room of guys. Then the lecturing that would be heard would include various in depth descriptions of the process and what occurs simultaneously in the brain and within the body. This could be a good idea because everyone can relate to that awkward day when the sex talk lecture approached. I think adding the cartoon characters adn having them be the ones in charge and explaining how sex and the body works adds humor to our video.
The digital processes that will be incorporated and used in making this video include video taping, use of the green screen, lighting with all the real life shots, possibly work with a computer aided drawing tool or program and then however we decide to add sound. I would like to take the sound we develop for our project and be more technical with it as in uploading it in audacity and playing around with the various features. One idea is to have Jon and I be the voices of the cartoon characters but just altering how they sound. It should be a fun project to work on, my biggest concern is timing. Based on how the past projects have progressed over the available time frame we are given I think it will again be a struggle to get everything completed and at the level that I am picturing. Regarding the idea, it is still a work in progress for the story line but I just am certain that I want to do an animation and then put real life images and real people interacting with the animated characters.