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Critique for Laura

Laura’s video is about a girl who sees some fresh cookies on a table, but doesn’t know if she’s allowed to eat them. She slowly creeps up on the cookies as they keep telling her “Eat Me!!!? The reason she doesn’t want to eat the cookies is because she knows it will make her gain wait. The closer she gets to the cookies the more she wants to eat them. Voices start coming out of nowhere saying that she shouldn’t eat them. As the voices start coming from every direction she finally gets overwhelmed and screams. Finally, she gives in and eats the cookie and becomes really happy.

I think the video is commenting on the influence of others. The girl knows she wants the cookies, but she is so worried about the weight that she could gain and the other people warning her not to do it. This clip is telling me that the perfect world would be one that allows you to eat whatever you want without ever worrying about what people think of you or how they will comment about you. The overall message of the clip was conveyed very well and it was presented in a funny way.

Overall I thought the video was very well put together. You can see that it was done with individual drawings put together to show a whole clip. The video seems to be a little choppy, but it’s expected with drawing stop motion. It’s obvious that a lot of time was spent on the movie. I liked the cartoon drawings very much and the humor incorporated with the clip. The sound was also done very well. There wasn’t too much sound, but it was enough to have an effect on the video. I liked the voices a lot and the sounds made while eating the cookies.

I liked the video very much and I think it was done very well.