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Laura's Perfect Eating World

This is a sketch-style animation that shows a young girl who comes upon some freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, and is tempted by the cookies to eat them, but tries to refrain from eating them. In opposition to the cookies' plea to be eaten, voices from outside tell her that, though she may be hungry, she shouldn't eat cookies. Eventually, she gets overwhelmed, screams, and gives in to eating a cookie. Quite satisfied, she eats the remainder of the cookies happily and smiles.

The quality of the images in this animation is superb. I was especially impressed that the photographs of the individual frames were either very carefully taken or adjusted afterwards so that white was white and black was black; this made it easy to see and pleasant to watch.

As a perfect world, I think the idea of a place where you can eat free of guilt and consequences is a great idea. In Laura's description of this piece, she says that "time stops (as you can see on the clock in the animation) which demonstrates how the girl has escaped reality." I didn't notice this the first time I watched it; I wasn't watching the clock at this point in the video. If this was a very important point, some emphasis should have been put on the clock. But, even though I didn't see the stopping clock, I think the scream served as an effective transition to escape the voices. I also liked how the voices of society were drawn as coming from outside the frame, while the girl's own thoughts (and the cookies' pleas of being eaten) come from inside the frame.

Even though Laura says she didn't have much time for the sound, I think the sound is fairly good in the work. The pitch of the voices and the munching sound effects work very well together with the sketchy style animation. The only point where the sound doesn't work very well with the mood is during the scream, when another scream is patched onto the first to make it longer. It would be nice if this could have been recorded at the correct length instead. In general, the sound helps to show what the girl is thinking or feeling, even just by the simple way her hums change.

Overall, I think the video works very well to show a perfect world in which the voices of society are silenced and you can eat in peace. The video quality was excellent, and the audio was very good too; neither one got in the way of the message that the film was trying to convey.