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Lisa Lapinski

Lisa Lapinski holds and M.F.A. and has an upcoming show at the Midway; the title is Lint’s Wedding Song. I decided to go see this particular speaker because I am very interested in sculpture.
However, I was not impressed with Lisa’s work. I could see that she drew a lot of influence from religion and some from sexual or regressive themes. It seemed to me that she saw a piece of “artwork? and got all of her influence from that one piece to make a bunch of her own artwork. And then for some reason she just had to have art deco hands in everything. The religious meaning behind the work was really obvious because of all the symbols she just stuck on her pieces. I think the only work of hers I actually liked were her early drawings.
Lisa talked a little about how a critic said that her work had no deep meaning and how she argued that, but I was not really convinced. Anyone could see what she is interested in by looking at her work but I do not see any profound deep meaning behind the pieces; they just look like experiments.