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Lisa Lipinski

Lisa Lapinski has very interesting works of art and it was also interesting to know what inspired her. Most of her work comes from the inspiration of other Artists like Gustave Miklos, whose sculpture of a bird was bought by Lisa for use in one of her works. One type of medium that Lisa seems to use frequently is paper. Such works like Clown typeface, and Rainbow (untitled) use a lot of paper. The Rainbow series seems more planned out because Lisa admits using paper but it doesn’t look like she does; the mosques and bird houses. Clown type face is basically several pieces of paper on the floor, with a box at the corner of the room, all white, except the room. There are some drawings at the back of this box which is wired to me (why is it in the back?), a practice which she continues in other pieces. Night Stand is a piece which Lisa breaks from using paper and instead uses wood. At first glance it looked like a broken hen house, but closer examination reveals it to be much more. The way that several pieces of wood are arranged in Night Stand make it look like it is revolving around something, perhaps the Star of David in the back of the piece (still wondering why Lisa does this). After seeing some of Lisa’s work I would say I like how she gets inspired by other artists and her use of some of them in her art work. Some of her pieces seemed like not enough effort was placed into it (like Clown typeface), while others seem like she put months into them (like Rainbow). It is very interesting and sort of mysterious to me why she has drawings or symbols in the back of some of her work.