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My critique of Jenna’s video

I think that Jenna’s video has a good start. From what I have seen and read so far about her stop motion project she is sticking to her original idea. Her idea of presenting a perfect world as a world in which she can split herself into several Jennas to be able to perform several tasks at once is very funny. She is approaching the subject from a different angle than others in the class did. But I do see a parallel between her project and Grant’s video. Both would like to do many things at once. Grant came up with the idea of stopping time and Jenna used the idea of multiplying a person so that she can do more things in a smaller amount of time. It is interesting how both explore the same concept of a perfect world, only Grant explores it with time and Jenna uses space.
As far as I can tell at this point, Jenna is exploring space well since her shots are all displayed in different rooms, which adds to the idea of wishing to be everywhere. She also uses a combination of video and stop-animation in her project, which I think is a great idea. With those two styles she will be able to explore different ideas of time. She could use the stop motion effect to better illustrate the fast pace of time and the video for the normal time sequences.
I would like to see the completed version since she has started with an entertaining idea. I would imagine that showing multiple views on one screen, showing the various Jennas at once might help to get her message across. Another point that I would like to mention concerns the audio. Until now, people’s voices in the video seem to be too choppy and they sometimes cut out all of the sudden. It would be nice to see some more attention paid to the audio so that it is less confusing.
In conclusion, Jenna’s video is a clever take on the assignment and shows potential. I think that if the video were finished, it would be quite amusing.