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My Utopia

My Utopia

A perfect world after the apocalypse...

For my utopia i originally wanted to show the world after the apocalypse, and show the battle between humans for survival, but after working for a week or so on the fight scene it really didnt come out to my liking at all, so i opted to not but it into my piece. Instead i went for a lighter theme and in the end of my video it shows that even though the world has ended their are still survivors and inside the egg is a child, my symbol for our hope in the future. I will hopefully be able to some way be able to put the fight scene in that i worked so hard on into my 4th project.

The story:

The story for my project is this:

As humans rest staring up at the sky all over the world a strange light is seen all over the world. As it falls from the heavens the star explodes creating a worldwide sand storm to kick up. When the dust settles humanity and the world we know has been buried. There are some survivors however scattered throughout the world. A group of these survivors notice a strange light and follow it. It leads them into the ruins of the city, where they find an altar with an egg and a chest. The people are frightened by these strange objects that seem to each have their own unique aura. The egg glows blue while the chest glows red. A voice softly invades the mind of the travelers and tells them they must select one of the items. The leader of the group says that he can sense something evil coming from the chest, the others agree, So they choose the egg. The egg begins to crack, inside is a little girl. Shocked by this the group stands back, the little one is clearly frightened of them and begins to cry, the leader steps forward to her and says do not cry, do not be afraid. The voice from above says, " this child is the hope of humanity, your future, cherish her and care for her, and your kind will live on." At this the child smiles.

I chose to do this animation in Russian, i love the way this language sounds its beautiful ^_^ Not to mention i was growing a little tired of everything being in english, so i thought i would try something different. It took me a while to figure out how to work it so i used a poem called Ulybnis, which means smile. It fit exactly with what i had in mind for my story and animation.

I did run in to some problems with the stupid subtitles though, i dont like that they are covering some of the picture but there was no way i could move them down much further due to the cropping of the images. Also i know we were supposed to not use any music but after listening to it with just my voice talking it sounded like crap and was well very boring, so i went into a program that lets you make the music i picked some of my favorite songs and played them using the software and i changed it so they were all in a music box format since i wanted it to sound childish. Since i made the music myself i figured that should at least somewhat make it my own sounds :P