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Project 3: Animation Proposal

For this project I want to do a stop-motion using photography. My initial ideas are to photograph around Minneapolis including campus, areas around campus, downtown and hopefully areas of suburbs, and basically anywhere I feel like. I want to juxtapose these contrasts next to each other with the idea that although people live radically different lives according to what part of town they life in; everything in its natural state is somewhat miraculous in a sense. Isn’t human struggle kind of perfect, and kind of necessary? We all do things to better our lives and consistently look for a utopian sanctuary where we can rest at ease, but sooner or later, we become restless of resting and we intentionally search for struggle only so we can find incentive to hold our hands above our heads to climb that invisible latter of integrity.
When I take myself outside the realm of being human and living within these social inequalities, I have come to realize that everything in this life has a certain quality about it that makes it beautiful. If you take all of the poverty and all of the wealth and everything in between that we all share not physically but emotionally, don’t we all realize on some level, that life is wonderful?