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Project 2: Video Proposal

My initial idea is to use a large ball covered in toilet paper as the “model� or “actor� for my video. I will kind of be playing off a previous project that I did with the ball but consisted of taking photographs of it instead of a movie. The idea of my previous project was “a day in the life of a college student� with the toilet ball being the college student. I did it in a sort of mocking way and also very extreme. My idea for this project would be to use the ball of toilet paper in “how do live in the suburbs� I would film the ball in various spaces such as the mall, chain stores, and neighborhoods in a suburb of Minneapolis, such as Plymouth for example. Since I have moved up here to Minneapolis when I was a freshman, I have taken a peculiar interest in suburbs, mainly because I grew up no where near a suburb and find it interesting to meet groups of people from them.not that they are a different species or anything, but a lot of people that I have meet have this tension between themselves and everyone else around them in a competition sort of way. I worked in the Ridgedale mall over the summer and I had a nagging feeling about it the entire time. I was really disturbed by the fact that there wasn’t any family owned businesses and all the homes were track homes. Nothing seemed to be original, and it really bothered me. It bothers me even more so that some many people strive in life to live in these kinds of places. I really don’t understand what is so spectacular about these areas. I found these places really easy to ridicule and make fun of so I thought that a ball of toilet paper would be the perfect suburban actor for this role.
My ideas for filming this will either consist of a friend pulling a string with the ball attached, so the ball is independent or I will have my friend hold the ball in the palm and away from her body so the ball will seem to be off the ground. I really want this to be a silent film for a least part of it. I’m thinking of using the song “Little Boxes� or have a Beethoven song. I might add some dialog in the film if I think it’s appropriate. I really don’t want the sound to be the focus; I want the images to be the main focus.