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Project 4 proposal

For this project, I plan on working collaboratively with Jenna to make a video. It will involve music and drawing. Our concept is dealing with the bodily changes from a youth to a teenager. Often times it’s labeled the ‘sex talk’ in the media and it is mostly uncomfortable and funny. In the video we plan on involving ourselves as well as made up characters by using a green screen. The idea is for the piece to be humorous and to keep viewers interested. How often do you see a cartoon giving the ‘sex talk’ instead of parents or elders? There will most likely be background sounds to complement the actions on screen. Also, we will probably use voice-overs for the characters. Green screen will be a new task because we have never incorporated it in previous projects. As of right now, I do not know how the story will form or what the characters will look like. They could take on an animal form.
Each aspect of the project will be worked on at separate times. Sounds recording will be done on one day. Also, we might include stop motion animation to show titles before different scenes to help prep viewers for what is ahead. Then filming and green screen will have its own separate time. For the final edit, we will use final cut pro.
Because of the freedom of this project, there are many ways to show the concept. We could do the random story approach (which will be similar to making a TV show) or have a narrator to lead the viewers along. There could be a narrator’s voice speaking in omniscience or a narrator that is a character within the clip (like a protagonist)