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Project III

To me a perfect world would be one without animosity, but total peace. Being a non-white immigrant, I have experienced racism firsthand. In this day and age, though most people are careful to be politically correct and just, there still exists an inherent racism. I am not one to criticize the white community because they are not the only ones who have shown racist tendencies. I believe it is up to each and every person in a community to accept the fact that life is a mix of culture. From this day on, we will only become more diverse so we might as well accept each other’s differences.

My focus in this project is to show a perfect world by using either drawn characters or photograph cutouts for visuals. I had an idea where I would make colored figures of people and then make them interact with each other. I will probably sample sounds and/or record them myself. I will probably integrate different languages.

I want to show confusion and chaos in my animation. For example, I want to show different people criticizing each other and committing acts of violence upon each other. Locations will probably change as different groups of people are shown. It will be almost like a historic piece documenting different conflicts from the past leading up to present day. Finally, I want there to be an explosive ending where the serious tone of the piece immediately changes to one of happiness where all the characters are shown getting along as one.