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Project III Proposal: A Perfect World

Instead of talking about my perfect world for my project III assignment, I’d like to point out what many people would want in their ideal worlds. So many people today, especially in American society, rely on fast food and TV dinners for their everyday meals. Yet, they wonder why they are overweight. I don’t think enough people realize what good eating habits are. People binge eat and then try and work out to compensate for it, but that doesn’t always work. Some people don’t work out at all and deny that their eating habits are unhealthy. For my stop motion animation project I’d like to focus on a theme of unhealthy eating. If people could have it their way they would eat whatever they want and not gain any weight. People wouldn’t have to worry about working out because their metabolisms would do all the work for them. I also might like to incorporate how people try to diet by fasting and not working out.

I think I’d like the animation to only have one character. I don’t know if I should have the main character be a human or an animal. If I use an animal I wouldn’t be directly commenting on American society, but I could still play the idea up a lot. Maybe I would have the character wearing an American pop culture symbol on his/her shirt. What would work better?

I’d like to start the scene out by having the character eat a normal American meal and then there will be a noticeable weight gain. The character then feels pressure to work out and goes to the gym. It tries to work out but it doesn’t seem to work. Then the thing goes home and decides to go on a diet. It doesn’t eat anything it all (commenting on societies poor dieting habits). The character goes to bed hungry and has a dream. The dream setting allows the character to eat anything he/she wants without gaining weight. The character goes over board and eats everything in sight. When the character wakes up it is sadly disappointed to be brought back to reality.

The style I would like to use for this project is a flip book drawing. I am not sure how the pictures are brought to the computer, but so far I plan to take pictures of the drawings and import them onto the computer and then sequence them together. I do not want to use any dialog in this animation, but instead just sounds, sounds that you would hear when one is alone (i.e. eating sounds, grumbling stomach, disappointed noises).

I think this animation will noticeably comment on how American society today treats health and dieting. Many people see working out as burden and wish they didn’t have to do it. Others seem to avoid all foods that could harm their image. Perhaps this animation will allow viewers to find a happy medium in their diets.