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Project IIII Proposal

I have been debating on what I want to do for project IIII, but as of right now I am thinking about exploring animation a little more. In the past I have done an illustrated story for a different class, and was thinking about making this book into an animation. The story I wrote is about a moose who wants to become a reindeer. It’s a small narrative touching subjects regarding defeat, triumph, and friendship. It was meant to be a story written for children. I have many drawings done already, but they are not in a format where stop motion can be applied. The pictures go along with the text of the story, so I was considering using a video camera to tape the pictures and zoom in on the characters. I am not sure if it would just be easier to do stop motion. I would like to narrate the story to go along with the images. The characters are interacting throughout the piece and I thought it would be fun to play the roles of both of those characters by manipulating my voice in audacity.

Based off of the critique for the previous project, many people had said they had troubles matching the images with the audio. I am nervous that, that might be a problem for me in this situation. I was thinking about cutting out the narration if I choose to do stop motion, and using just sounds as I did before. The problem with that is I want to explore a different route than my project III. I am also concerned that because the story is fairly long, my project might drag on a little bit. I am not sure if it would just be easier for me to recreate the story using a flip book/stop motion format. I know I would lose quality in the images but it might be easier for me to put the story in an animated form. However, if I did start over on the drawings, time would be taken away for me to edit and put together the animation, which I regretted in the last project.

I have come up with some other ideas as well for storylines I might want to consider doing an animation for. One idea revolved around the topic for the last project. I was thinking about the perfect world, and came up with the thought, what if men got pregnant instead of women? What would be different in this world? I would do the project in a similar style as project III. I just thought it was a fun idea and would be interesting to carry out in animation form.