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Project Proposal III: Invent a perfect world

Today, we are living in a world that values productivity over every thing else in life, for example working longer hours instead of pursuing leisure time. Consequently, our daily rhythm is becoming more and more hasty. People rush from one place to another. Fast-food chains are popping up all over the world because we do not even have any more time to eat. In the cultural climate where people are struggling through their life by keeping up with the speed of time I am thinking about showing my perfect world as a state of mind that allows for leisure in my next project.
I am planning to work with clay. My initial thoughts are to build up a stage that represents a busy street with a lot of skyscrapers where my clay puppets are rushing all over the place to get to work. With those equipments I will be able to create the beginning of my narrative stop-motion project. To enhance the feeling of a chaotic morning rhythm I will try to incorporate streets sounds that include car noises, honking horns and annoying people voices. After that I will start to focus on one character maybe by focusing light on the character and slowly zooming in on it.
For the middle part I am thinking about using the same stage but only as an empty place. The pictures will then lead from the main character’s face to the background city scene, which will be the screen for the puppet’s imaginary world. Here the viewer will see objects transforming and the gray day becoming a nice, beautiful day.
For that part, I intend to blend all the noises into one main, washed-out sound, which will be the source of individual sounds. Here, I will try to play with the individual street noises to create interesting sounds. I might also incorporate some humming to show that the main character is feeling inspired and pleased by the fact that she is able to be creative with the visual objects and the sounds.
To give the story a cohesive structure, I will end the project by pulling the viewer back to the busy morning by using the same busy stage and the same soundtrack that I had created at the beginning.
Furthermore, I would also like to play with time, maybe by showing the beginning and the end in a slightly faster speed than the middle part of my narrative project, or by slowing the middle part down.
To get my point across more effectively, I would like to create a more evident boundary between the real and the imaginary world. Here is how I intend to make those two different worlds more apparent: Everything will be presented in black and white besides the middle scene, where the city landscape will be transformed into a imaginary landscape.