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Proposal for Final Project

My ideas for this project are heading in the direction of sound, and how that affects our interpretation of visual images. This idea stems from previous films that I have watched and have realized that most of the impact that the film has on me is because the sound and music is so powerful. This is especially true in horror and drama films. I have never been a fan of horror films because I have come to realize that the only scary thing about them is the music and sound. What I’m wanting to do for this final project is challenge people’s thought process by assigning sound pieces with different moods to the same footage found in a particular horror film. My goal is to stimulate thought about what we predict to see visually based on what we hear, and how we interpret certain images based on the sounds that build the context around the image. The execution of this project will consist of either a looped image taken from a horror film with different sound pieces playing during each looping, or have different scenes playing while the same sound piece is looping, or I could do both.