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Technology In Our Daily Lives

Technology is so ingrained in our daily lives that its hard to take a step back and count all of the uses that are out there. literally it is unending because technology keeps advancing every day. The most fascinating thing about technology is all of the converging of devices that are being invented such as cell phones that you can not only talk on but check your email, listen to music, watch videos, take pictures and so on and so on. Technology is wonderful in that it makes a lot of daily tasks very convienent and a lot less stressful. However whenever there is something very good that is present there is always a negative component. Humans depend on technology to make it through the day, and i think that we depend on it a little too much. If there was a major crash in all the servers world wide, everything would be in complete chaos. We should all be fortunate that we have the privilege of having access to a wide variety of technologies, but we should also be conscious of how we go about things in case technology is not readily available to us at any point in the future.