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The Perfect Eating World

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Most people in today’s society are hounded by these two words: carbs. and calories. I admit that when I eat something “not-so-healthy? I often think about the effects it will have on my body. Who doesn’t anymore? American society has put body image high on a pedestal. A part of me feels guilty for eating some of the things I eat. But is that fair? Wouldn’t it be nice to eat this or that without worrying about gaining weight? Wouldn’t it be the perfect world if those ideas were pushed out of our minds? The pleasure of eating those delicious treats is taken away from those negative voices swarming in our heads. “You’ll get back fat!?…. “Think of you thighs!?…. “Don’t eat it!?.. or “You’ll regret it!? are just a few of those thoughts all of us wish would go away. Wouldn’t you love to eat a brownie or say a chocolate chip cookie without having to hear those nasty thoughts?

Through my project I tried to portray the very thing I just described. A young girl finds some chocolate chip cookies on her kitchen table and doesn’t know if she should eat them or not. Her body sure wants them, but the voices are trying to stop her from eating them. Finally, the voices get too overwhelming and the girl breaks down. She screams so loud the voices go away. Time stops (as you can see on the clock in the animation) which demonstrates how the girl has escaped reality. She’s in a world where she can finally eat in peace.

This project was a pretty complex process for me. First I had to draw all of the frames, which ended up being a total of 235. Then I had to photograph the drawings and edit them in Photoshop. I needed to crop all of the images and add more light and contrast to enhance them. If I would have had more time I would have liked to play around with the lighting more in Photoshop. It turned out to be a little to dark for me. Then I had to add sound. The sound was fun to make for me. I recorded all of the sounds after watching the animation play through and matched it with the movement of the character. I didn’t leave much time for sound in the end, but I wish I would have, because I think I could have done a little more with it. The program I used didn’t allow much room for manipulation either.