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Visiting Aritist: Michael Krueger

Michael Krueger's work covers a broad range of mediums and ideas. Whether he's dealing with digital media/images, print making, or drawing, his themes and personality always shine through.

One theme he demonstrated in some of his works was the idea of making and animating something that is ordinary, and transforming it into the extraordinary. One way he did this involved a series of images of fruits and everyday foods or objects and giving them distinct human features (like a face, arms, legs, etc.) I thought this was a really cool concept because I have always looked at everyday objects in a very human-esque way, giving trees faces, or looking at the shapes of things. On top of that, the images he showed were pretty funny, which is fitting because Michael Krueger is a pretty funny guy.

Another concept in his works involved cultural identity. Having found his old high school notebooks one day, he decided to use those and create something new out of them. Filled with sketches of heavy metal band names and images of his teenage years, he made color prints over these images, and created works of art. I like this process of creating something new out of old things (and especially pertaining to pop-culture or lifestyles of that time).

Besides this, Krueger presented work heavily influenced by American History and Kansas History (he teaches at the University of Kansas), as well as works construced with amazingly accurate symmetry. Overall, I liked his works and ideas that he presented, and thought that his fresh (and humorous) views on pop-culture, history, and human nature are a breath of fresh air to the boring, day-to-day images around us.