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Visiting Artist: Lisa Lipinski

I'm not sure what happened to this entry the first time I posted it, but for your reading pleasure, here it is again:

Lisa Lipinski confused the hell out of me. I'm not sure if it was because I was low on sleep or if that was her style, but I could not follow her talk. it seemed like she was just rambling about topics at some points and I really had difficulty finding continuity in her discussion. I found this ironic (and perhaps it was intentional) that her talk was unstructured since her primary art format is sculpture.

Speaking style aside, I found a similar trend in Lipinski's work. In her sculptures, it was clear that there were continuing themes (history, politics, religions) but I was unable to find the meaning in the mass of her work. She addressed this topic in her discussion, stating that her work didn't always need to have meaning and it can be created just to exist. This frustrated me because she used some definite symbols that I wanted to hear explanations for.

After a while of trying to get over my frustrations with Lipinski's discussion and work, I decided that she had some good points. Art doesn't always have to say something, it can exist just to be seen, heard or felt. Leaving meanings unattached allows an interpreter to to see it for what it is, create your own meaning, or just observe.