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Visiting Artist Response: Michael Kruger

“Prints, Drawings and other things� was the title of the slides Michael Kruger presented last week of his work. Michael Kruger is a well known print maker and has experimented with the medium for awhile. He mentioned during his presentation that he likes to use techniques where he is able to scan and recombine images.

At the beginning of his presentation, Michael mentioned what influenced him and his work. He talked about German Impressionism and how he idolizes certain artist based on how they use lines. Michael also explained his fascination with personified objects and how they strongly influence his work. He talked about how he likes the idea of “animating the ordinary world,� or “making the natural world extraordinary.� Michael collects books, figurines, and other objects that might be of inspiration to him.

I found one of his most interesting ideas to be the notebook series. He collaborated his old doodles on his notebooks with recent drawings of his. He likes to comment on cultural parallels, especially those that reflect political issues. One of his works entitled, “Shopping Jefferson,� made a statement saying how “we all live beyond our means.� Jefferson abused his creditability and was thousands of dollars in debt by the time of his death. Michael was making a point that we all live at the expense of others.