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Visiting Artist Response:Lisa Lapinski

Lisa Lapinski had some interesting concepts with her sculpture art, some of which I thought were engaging and others I did not find anything special about. I enjoyed her knowledge of the cultures from which she based her designs on, such as the Shakers. However, I had a difficult time understanding what she meant with some of her artwork, since she seemed a bit nervous throughout the presentation and I often felt disengaged. Perhaps this could be because I was in the overflow seating and had to watch her on a screen, which did take away from the experience. Honestly I preferred her drawing to her sculptures, mostly since I found a more aesthetic quality to them and was better able to connect to them than I did to the sculptures. I did find her love for art pleasing, however, such as her recreation of some swimsuit model drawings that had been covered up (this happened when the building on which they originally were located was converted into a pre-school.) She seemed very at ease when reading other people's work, and I found those readings quite fascinating, and was glad that she shared them with us. Mostly, the presentation could have been amplified by Lapinski's confidence in her own work, which did not show through as well as it could have by her nervous demeanor.