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About My (Jenna's) Final Project

My initial intentions for this final project was to make use of the green screen and interact with animated characters. Jon and I planned to work together and as we began writing a script and brainstorming ideas it became more of an effort to include all of our ideas into one project. We decided against our idea of having a sex talk because we couldn't think of what all we would say in the talk. The new idea that we are presenting is a news report on a cootie epidemic. Regardless of what idea we used, I really wanted to create stop motion animation for our video and all of Jon's ideas involved regular video taping. In order to incorporate both we have a live news report that takes a look at a video made by animated characters. The project certainly was time consuming with all of picture taking for stop motion but it was a good learning experience. Jon and I had discussed doing voice over for the animation but after uploading it and adding in the music that we have, we decided it speaks for itself and adding in voices had potential to make it lose some of the humor. One of our goals is to draw a few laughs out of people or just spread the word about the infectious cootie bug.