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For project four I wanted to continue on my use of a biblical themes like the one from project three about the Garden of Eden. I always enjoy reading articles on several interpretations of the creation that part from the traditional view. For instance some Christians believe that God created continents in there current place but the bible says that the land formed in one area. Besides showing a different view of creation I also tried to solve certain problems that certain people in the science community point out in creation such as the starlight problem. I am not sure if I conveyed theses answers clearly to the audience but I believe the animations were presented well. The main reason why I made this piece was because I was a very tired of the media being biased towards creationism, and being more favorable towards evolution and I just wanted to share that there are scientific principles in creationism. Towards the end of my animation I used a video provided by NASA which shows the solar system I just wished I could have managed my time better to make one of my own. Another thing I wanted to include in my animation was humor perhaps in my videos of animals section.

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