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Final Project

WoW Music Video

For my final video project i changed completely from my original idea and decided to combine to of my favorite hobbies! Music and World of Warcraft ^_^ yay. So after going through my millions of music files on my computer i decided to go with Eminem's song called Just Lose It. I also wanted to do something sort of cartoon like/animated so I decided to use World of Warcraft (a popular MMORPG) to be the subject of my video instead of live action. Estentially my work focused on filming my characters reflecting the original music video done by eminem. I worked on the editing to try and get the mouths and actions being captured to match the music. It proved to be a lot more complicated then i had originally anticipated, in that syncing the two together while trying to recreate the already made video was a real pain. I tried to capture elements like Michael Jackson, MC Hammer as well as Santa and Eminem using nothing but what comes with World of Warcraft.